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Functional Web Design

The way web design is supposed to be. Tell your friends.

We have seen our share of great looking sites. Unfortunately, far too many of those sites don't do anything but look good. This has become a monster of a problem. We like being online too people! Can't we get some love in the functional department? There needs to be a much stronger movement toward creating great looking sites that WORK too! This is a call to all web designers and developers worldwide. Think about the results your client needs and give them a site that helps make that happen.

"And while we're all up in arms about it, shame especially on all you very talented agencies and design shops who have plagued the Internet with useless brochure-ware websites."

It's like putting shackles on a world-class sprinter. Why limit the huge potential of a website to an information resource known only to existing clients and word-of-mouth prospects. Now is a good time to see if your website and better yet, your web developer is performing the way they should. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Has my site brought me new business in the last week/month or ever?
  • How many people in the world even know my site exists?
  • When was the last time I looked at analytics from my website?


If you don't know the answer to any one
of the questions above, let us help!


Website Design Services

Great looking websites that do something to address our clients specific needs.

  • Professional & Creative Layouts
  • CSS-based Tableless Site Design
  • Intelligent Calls to Action
  • Seamless & Automatic Communication
  • Integrated Useful Sharing Tools


Other Design Services

Contact us and ask about your specific needs. We'd love to help!

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Email Campaign Layouts
  • Direct Mail Design
  • Much more...

Strategic Internet Marketing

Finally a complete and measurable marketing medium.

Profit in any business comes from qualified traffic both online and off. (How many people still do the "off" thing anyway?) We know now that nearly everyone searches online prior to making a purchase. That means that most of the real people - who want to buy what you sell or subscribe to your services - are online searching for it. The Internet has become the primary medium for truly valuable and certainly trackable marketing. We're not trying to upset all the old print shops and traditional marketing firms out there. We are big fans of targeted direct-response marketing print campaigns that support your online marketing initiatives. We just like spending dollars where we can measure the outcome and we think you'd like that, too.

"Your website is not simply there to look nice and impress visitors - without an effective online marketing strategy, it's just a shell. What's the point of a well-designed site if nobody can find it?"

How do virtually all online buyers find what they need? Search engines. Google, MSN, and Yahoo and the three largest, together making up 97% of the billions of Internet searches every day. Ranking high in the three search engines is the strategy that will vault your business to the next level.


How it's done


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of enhancing a website's infrastructure so that it has an increased chance of being found by the target audience. In short, it's a way to guarantee that the website lists high on the three major search engines, ensuring that your buyers will easily find you. How is that done?

It's all about relevance. If information on a website is relevant and timely, it will rank high on the search engines. And although there are many factors that contribute to a site's relevance, they start with a very important two: 1) unique content; and 2) backlinks. The content needs to contain the correct keywords and phrases, and the backlinks must point to relevant spots on your site. That's where we come in.


On-page Optimization

This is like selling tickets to a concert and not assigning or directing people to their purchased seats. The search engines are your ticket-holders and your site is the seating plan that someone should have spent more time getting right. Without the right places and content for the search engine to crawl, they are gonna be bouncing all over or worse. Someone is gauranteed to get a over-excited elbow to the eyeball. They should be getting what they came for (and we hope thats not a 300-pound mosher). We'll work with the code and content on your site to better communicate to the search engines the value of each relevant page. We are going to make it (BUZZ WORD ALERT!) "search engine-friendly" so Google, MSN, and Yahoo will be crawling all over your site.


Tactical Submissions

Web pages need to be submitted to the search engines, online directories, and other indexing sites to increase each page's link popularity. As described earlier, we enhance your copy for added effectiveness and for the purpose of staying current. With that process and the inherent changes that accompany it - such as adjustments to the sitemap, site structure, etc. - we'll submit (or re-submit) that information to the search engines, ensuring they're up to date on what's appearing on your site.


Content Creation

Search engines crawl all over the Internet to monitor new and meaningful information on millions of sites. The spiders report on which sites have worthwhile and current content, increasing those sites' search rankings. We'll regularly rewrite and enhance your copy through the use of keyword emphasis, ensuring that your stay at the top of the search rankings is a long one. Creation of new content both on and off your site is the "Hundred Years' War" of Internet Marketing. This is an ongoing effort and highly critical in our fight to guarantee your online search engine efficacy.


Off-page Optimization (Backlinks)

Darrel calls this the nuts of SEO. We have no idea what he is talking about but this is truly what all the previous hard work is for. It's something we're proud to say is a specialty around here and quality links back to your site create the most valuable to your organic search engine rank. To sum it up, your site will benefit exponentially from backlinks. Quality links are web content from blogs, online publishers such as ezines, and thousands of online distribution channels. Current content is again the important aspect. Original, relevant web content that links to your site will attract the spiders. You'll win points with the search engines (literally - they work off a point system) with all backlinks, which will vault your site up the rankings. Like everything else with SEO, though, it's an ongoing process and a competitive one. We'll keep you on top!


Social Media

The use of social media is yet another way to enhance your search engine rankings. This area has taken off in the past year, and the search engine spiders have incorporated it into their web-crawling. Social bookmarking, which is the online indexing of favorite bookmarks stored online by individuals, can affect a search engine's ranking of a site. As people access their bookmarks from online sources to receive updates (Twitter and Facebook from an iPhone, for example), spiders crawl across this data to measure each site's popularity. Google, in particular, has shown itself to be very interested in tracking this information in order to gauge emerging trends. For you, the benefits are simple: by including links to social bookmarking sites on your site, your visitors can bookmark your site and incorporate it into their favorites such as Digg, Delicious, and more. The popularity of your site will soar, and on the web, popularity equals better search engine rankings.


Summing it Up


How do you know if we're doing our job? If an SEO company promises, for example, a certain number of inbound links for your site, how do you know if it's enough to substantially help your business? What's the difference between 1,000 and 100,000? We can't emphasize this enough: your ranking must be sustained! If you're promised a certain number of links, be wary that the result may be a solid ranking that lasts just a few weeks and then you're gone from the rankings. In this SEO climate, that won't do. And with the ever-changing nature of the web, what if you're sold something that applies to last year? Last year is an eon in the web cycle. Nobody expects you to keep on top of this stuff - you've got a business to run. We will stay on top for you.

Web Application Development

Custom business efficiency applications for any industry

Every day, you can find new ways to execute previously tedious and time-consuming tasks online. You track calls, create schedules across continents, tweet your friends, find lunch, book a reservation and more and its all web-based. Why then not your entire business? We have been building custom business web-based applications for nearly 10 years. The Internet provides a very convenient and hyper-accessible platform from which to build and we love it. We are willing to debate the "why not web-based" argument till [insert witty cliche here]. There is, in fact, very little that you cannot do online and, more importantly, make your world online even more integrated and efficient.

Our web-based development services aim to create dynamic and efficient applications that will meet a growing business's needs on any level. Think of the internal business software and systems you currently use.


100% online... yeah, we like the sound of it too.
We are big fans of anything w3.


Web Application Development

Architected to match business/department needs.

  • Custom Business Solutions
  • Application Integration *
  • Reverse Engineering *
  • Intranet & Collaboration Systems
  • Interactivity of Legacy Solutions


Applicable Buzz Words

Don't lie, you like 'em as much as we do.

  • Rich Functionality
  • Robust Management Tools
  • Database Optimization

* Requires some research into existing systems. Not all existing systems are best integrated but rather reverse engineered and vice-versa.